The Top Carnivals From Around the World

Carnival is days-long festival celebrated around the world the largest and most celebrated is the Brazilian music and dance festival that happens every year in Brazil at the beginning of March.

The festival runs for seven days and attracts millions of visitors, many of whom come from different places around the world to participate. Carnival is celebrated every year in Brazil, 46 days before Easter. The roots of the festival are believed to be in the tradition of Roman Catholics, when they abstained from meat and alcohol on certain days as a method to drive away bad things from their life. Although carnival does not strictly observe these traditions, it does have many religious undertones.

Carnival is so popular that it has exported itself to other countries where Brazilians have emigrated. In many places including Spain, Canada, the US and the UK there are carnival type celebrations that happen every year. Carnival in these new countries includes locals who participate in the parades and others activities. In fact many people will book their summer vacations around attending the carnival celebration. This might mean coming to that country to see the festival, or delaying your summer vacation if you live in a country that has a Carnival, so you can participate in the festivities.

This might seem unlikely, especially if someone has an option to go on vacation someplace amazing like Mykonos Greece and stay in a brand new Mykonos beach hotel.  But the festival is so enticing, that delayed vacations happens all the time.

Here are some of the most popular carnivals around the world

The Notting Hill Carnival

Since the summer of 2006, one of London’s largest street carnivals has been held in the Royal Borough of Kensington. It is organized and managed by the British West Indian communities and is the primary festival for the black communities in the UK. The festival attracts nearly one million people every year and each year it continues to grow and become more dynamic

The Notting Hill Carrnival is based on Carnival in Brazil and it has grown. Today, the Notting Hill carnival is a celebration of South American and Caribbean culture. During the carnival, the streets of Notting Hill. Are filled with costume-clad dancers and other revelers moving to the beat of Reggae, Meringue, Calypso, Rumba, and Zouk music.

There is a bounty of food being sold by street vendors. And Caribbean favorites including seasoned jerk chicken, callaloo, and traditional goat stew are the favorites.

Nice Carnival

In Nice, France every year in February, there is a carnival celebration that features six carnival parades, 17 floats and thousands of dancers and musicians from all over the world. The entire event is a boisterous party that gets the entire city involved.  There are flower battles, dance contests and prizes given to the top floats that are all flower lined. Visitors are encouraged to catch one of the bouquets thrown from the floats for good luck

Copenhagen Carnival

This Scandinavian city has one of the most visited carnivals that really puts on a great show. It is one of the fastest growing carnivals in the world and today attracts more than 100,000 people each year. Latin food, music and dancing fills the streets and everyone gets involved in the fun. It is coordinated in the spring to mark the change in weather and the fun activities including floats and contests makes it the perfect affair for the entire family.

There are more than a dozen carnivals that occur throughout the year in different countries on all continents.  Put a carnival festival on your annual calendar and have a time you won’t forget.