The Cheapest Destinations to travel to in 2020

If you are an avid traveller, you are always saving to travel and explore more of the undiscovered world. However, that growing travel wish list might be putting a bit of a strain of your bank. It might even be breaking it, but you don’t want to stop travelling. But here is the good news, there are plenty of destinations that you can get to without breaking the bank.

You must be thinking about how to travel on such a short budget, right? But you can! Start off with booking a cheap flight to your dream destination. This is only possible if you start planning your trip at least six months before finally hitting the BOOK NOW button. You know how much airline tickets cost, but if you compare your flights online, and if you book in bundles (for family or friends), you can actually get good discounts. I love Bangkok. Even though it is an exotic destination to think of, I always travel to the city without breaking the bank. If the ticket prices are why you have been putting off travelling, this is how you can visit Bangkok for cheap.

Travelling on a budget

Though travelling on a budget might seem like a stressful job, it is not that difficult. There is a lot of ways you can save your pennies while travelling, such as staying at a budget-friendly or affordable accommodation. To be honest, don’t ask for luxury A-class flight, 5-star hotels with white linens and room service on call all the time, and you are good to go. To ought to know that travelling is not about luxury. You can enjoy the essence of travelling by doing the cheapest things, like camping, strolling about the cobblestone streets and ferry boat rides.

Living life according to the terms and conditions of a strange place, exploring, sightseeing, learning new customs, cultures, people, and places is what travelling is about. You can check out the museums, monuments, art, scenic landscapes for almost free. For trying out traditional cuisines, music, and cultural events, you can enjoy the best of any city for cheap. If you are confused about which city to travel in 2019 on a budget, here is a list of some of the cheapest destinations in the world to help you decide!


If you are finding a reason to travel to Asia but aren’t sure where to start, Thailand is your destination! It is such a popular destination among backpackers and not without reason. This fun country has everything, from idyllic islands, a rich culture, beach, and the fun sun, to cheap and mouth-watering cuisine. All of these, amazing things about Thailand, are often available at such low prices that you will be saving more pennies than you planned to. For the best of Thailand, check out its amazing and majestic temples, join a yoga session, or head to Bangkok for its electric nightlife and cheap but yummy street food.

South Africa

If you are into the whole safari experience, South Africa is the best destination. You can try that in some of the most exotic destinations as well, like Dubai, but you will have to pay more there. South Africa is affordable, and here you can see a lot of uncommon things like a white rhino. If you are the whole part-of-the-crowd-life person, join the Kruger crowd, or head to the Drakensberg for hiking. You can even head to Cape Town, for it is one of the fanciest and affordable cities of the continent.


Vietnam is also another great option for a cheap destination that is also fun-filled. The sublime countryside is its greatest attraction that includes the limestone karsts of the north, waterways and paddy fields of the Mekong Delta and amazing beaches. Then there is the amazing Vietnamese cuisine that you can try to. You can also try the street food, which is always a cheaper way of enjoying the taste of any city.


When has a Caribbean island ever felt over-the-top or too much? Cuba is one of the coolest destinations to visit – and that too, for cheap! Since it is not that fairly visited, the prices are moderate there. But, you must go before it realizes its beauty and the prices start to go higher.

Prague, Czech Republic

Even though the city is one of the most famously known and widely visited, it still remains one of the most capital cities in Europe. You can enjoy an amazing meal here for really cheap, apart from sightseeing and trying out a beer with the locals. There are so many cool and divine things waiting to be seen in Prague!

Krakow, Poland

After Warsaw, Krakow is the coolest Polish city. It is also one of the cheapest, which means the stake of you choosing this destination is higher. There are so many things you can enjoy in this city, such as trying the amazing food, enjoying the buzzing nightlife scene, learning the history, explore the famous salt mines, or exploring the Gothic charm of the city.

New Orleans, USA

New Orleans has that old-school charm, live jazz music, food tours, stand-up comedy and majestic landmarks to enjoy from, and all for cheap!


When we talk about budget-friendly destinations, Laos tops the chart. This unspoiled, fun and cheap corner of Southeast Asia should be on your bucket list. The slow pace of the country, nature’s beauty and the hospitality of the destination are what it will be remembered for.


Who is not in love with Greece? Its financial status has been up and down in the last few years, which means you should definitely travel to here to support the locals. The financial situation also means you can get things here cheaper. Don’t forget to keep some cash on you!


Guatemala is one of the most spelling destinations, a mix of natural beauty, Mayan traditions and colonial legacies. You can check out volcanoes, rainforests and ancient Mayan sites here.


Bulgaria is cheap, appealing and cool, which means it should be on the list of your favourite cheap destinations to visit in 2019. From dramatic mountain ranges to the beautiful coastline, lovely old cultural towns, especially Varna on the coast and ancient Plovdiv, Bulgaria has so much to offer to its visitors.

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon is one of the most and fun and cheapest capital cities in Western Europe. You can enjoy so many fun and free things here, such as hopping on a tram for a city tour, hit the beach, or enjoy the amazing Lisbon street food. Cheap and delicious!


You don’t have to worry about accommodation in Mexico because you can literally stick your hammock in front of a beach and call it a night here. There are so many swimming holes here, plus music festivals, colourful culture, and amazing food to remember the city for.