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London Calypso Tent

The Association of The British Calypsonians welcome all to the London Calypso Tent to engage and be entertained by the FANTASTIC performances of UK Calypsonians and visiting international artists. An electrifying showcase of storytelling, poetry, political commentary, humour and much more creatively presented by the sweet Calypso or Soca rhythms of the Caribbean.

  • Time: 8pm to 11pm
  • Venue: Carnival Village, Tabernacle, Powis Square, off Portobello Rd, W11 2AY.

29th August 2015


A fabulous, free open air evening for the entire family, steel band lovers, general music lovers or anyone looking to enjoy a great evening in a Caribbean style atmosphere.

The evening consists of a competitive performance by national steel bands and other entertainment.

  • Venue: Emslie Horniman Pleasance Park, Bosworth Road, W10
  • Fee: Free
  • Time: 6pm to 10pm

30th August 2015

Sunday Parade / A Family Day

A jubilant Children Parade as they showcase their flamboyant costumes dancing along the carnival route to the hypnotic rhythms provided by the mobile sound systems or steel bands.

A fabulous display of vocals, on the "World Music Stage" at Powis Square. Features calypso and soca performances by the Association of British Calypsonians, visiting international calypsonians, emerging artists of other genre and various other performances.

A haven for a range of music styles and astounding stage performances exhibited by the static sound systems. 38 systems are strategically located around the footprint of the carnival. Family workshops at Emslie Horniman’s Pleasance, a variety of tasty Caribbean foods, drinks and lots more.
  • Time: 10am to 8:30pm


A fun, fun time to mark the opening of the carnival be adventurous. Get dirty or even come along with a carnivalesque or comical presentation. Dance along the streets to the pulsating rhythms of steel bands, riddim bands and African drummers.

Procession begins and ends at Canal way, Ladbroke Grove W14 next to Sainsbury’s car park.
  • Time: 6am to 9am

31st August 2015

Monday Parade / The Grand Finale

The Grand finale showcasing a sea of vibrant colours as 60 bands in magnificent costumes dance to the tantalizing rhythms of the mobile sound systems or steel bands.

Enjoy the magnificent continuation of vocals on the "World Music Stage" at Powis Square. Come and be entertained by UK Calypsonians, soca artist, visiting international artists and other emerging acts.

See how many of the 38 static sound systems you can visit as they entertain you with diverse genres of music and stage performances which contribute to the Carnival's vibrant atmosphere.

Sample the diverse attractions of food, music, and additional activities.

  • Time: 10am to 8:30pm

7th November 2015

LNHCET Annual Awards “Shades of Carnival – Saturnalia”

A celebratory evening of exhibition, entertainment and award presentation in tribute to 2015 winners and those who directly or indirectly contributed to the development and sustainability of the London Notting Hill Carnival.

Route and Information

Sound Systems
Pubs and Bars
Carnival Route
Lost & Found
  • Mastermind Roadshow
  • 4Play
  • G.I. Roadshow
  • Sancho Panza
  • SSP Soundsystem
  • Good Times
  • Aba Shanti4
  • High Grade
  • Rough But Sweet
  • Mayhem Crew
  • Sir Valdez
  • KCC and the Rocking Crew
  • Latin Rave Street Jam
  • Gladdy Wax Road Show
  • Saxon Sound
  • Arts-A-Light
  • Mellotone
  • Blackstar Showtime
  • Virgo International
  • Lord Gelly's
  • CMC / Matrix Soundsystem
  • Rapattack
  • Mangrove Sounds
  • Killerwatt
  • Different Strokes
  • Sir Lloyd
  • Channel One Soundsystem
  • Metro Glory
  • The Fun Bunch
  • Solution Soundsystem
  • Gaz's Rockin' Blues
  • Disco Hustlers
  • Rampage
  • King Tubby's
  • Pineapple Tribe
  • Portobello Star
  • Ground Floor Bar
  • The Elgin
  • Walmer Castle
  • The Lonsdale
  • Lost & Found
  • Lost & Found